Pete Baker combines his passion for art with a background in engineering to create magical work in metal.

Inspired by mythology, dreams and forgotten worlds, his skilful expression of these themes, using welding torch, anvil and angle grinder, is quite remarkable: looking at the fluidity and movement in his pieces, you could be forgiven for forgetting that they are made from such rigid materials.

In the galleries, fairies, dragons and demons rub shoulders with obelisks, bikes, horses and even chickens, each made with Pete’s eye for detail and fertile imagination. His smallest works are under 20 cm tall, his largest over 3 metres. You’ll note links back to Rackham, Gaudi, Bosch and many others whose art combines technical mastery with a sense of the fantastic, but we hope you’ll agree that Pete avoids cliché and imitation with a vision all his own.

If you would like to talk to Pete about his work and where to see more of it, you’ll find details on the contact page.


Peter Baker - the Artist